3DR Solo Accessory Bay Breakout Board

This small and lightweight board breaks out all the connections from the bottom port of your Solo. The 3DR Solo Accessory Bay port (details here: https://dev.3dr.com/hardware-accessorybay.html ) has many connections a DIYer could find useful. From simple battery and regulated 5V power, to CAN signal connections, our breakout board provides an interface between the special connector on the Solo to normal headers that make it easy to connect to. Additionally, our board labels the headers with the signal that is on that pin, rather than leaving you with just the pin number.

There are a few versions of the board:

  1. Standard: All 30 pins are ‘broken out’ and labelled. You have the option of headers & header gender. There are six 4.7uF capacitors on the BATT line to provide some voltage smoothing to your accessories. Mounting hardware is provided to ensure the board does not detach from your Solo during flight.
    This is out most popular and versatile option. 
  2. Micro: All 30 pins are broken out, in three rows of 10. This board was designed with space savings in mind, while still giving the user *all* the connections available from the Solo accessory port. You have the option of headers & header gender, and whether you want a normal version with mounting holes & hardware, or a slimmed down version without (in case you’re integrating it into a design you’re making which will hold it in place).
  3. Nano: The ten most popular connections are made available on this board, the smallest breakout board we make. Battery & 5V power, USB, and the three PWM pins are broken out to a small 10-pin connection. As with the Micro board, you have the option of mounting holes & hardware or not.
    This is our second-most popular version, many people simply want to access power or PWM using the accessory board.
  4. SyncLight specific version: This board has all the features of the Standard version, but with additional connections specific for our SyncLight boards, allowing 4 to be connected at once. A button on the breakout board allows you to change the pattern of the SyncLight, or to temporarily turn them off (so you don’t blind yourself while working on your Solo).
    This board is designed specifically for use with our SyncLights, it probably doesn’t make sense to buy this version unless you have some SyncLights or have a very specific use for the extra connections.

An optional Micro-USB stackable board can be added, to allow a quick connection to the companion computer inside. This is great for connecting custom peripherals to the Solo, connecting to the Solo command line, or downloading logs. One quick example is found here. The Micro-USB board uses breadboard pitch, so its use isn’t limited to just the Solo!

You can see our store (which has all these breakout boards and more) here: https://store.brownieboards.com/


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